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What exactly is Revampworks anyway?

Well, I have been trying to figure that out for quite a while now. Revampworks was, and still is a play on words. I began Revampworks back in 1985 in an effort to combine several unrelated areas of interest. At that time, I was involved in wood working, computer repair, musical instrument and amplifier repair as well as a number of other interests. One of my favorite things to do was to dumpster-dive and bring endless broken items home to restore. I did this for my own amusement or to turn around and sell. I was in a position in life where I needed to do something but, since I was seemingly pulled in so many directions I just didn't know which or what exactly to focus my energies on.

One day, while pondering all the different things I could do, fix broken furniture, television sets, computers, old keyboards, radios and son on, it dawned on me? These things which I so much enjoyed doing, had to have name for it. Today, I think it's called hoarding, but seriously though, what I was doing was revamping things; Amplifiers had Reverb Tanks, working with wood is called Wood Working and finally, everything I repaired eventually worked so . . . . . I thought of the name "Revampworks". Reverb, Amplifiers and the whole works. To revamp something was to make it work and so on along this line of thought. . . You get the picture.

Okay, so what is Revampworks today you ask? Well, pretty much nothing! That's right . . . Nothing. It is nothing more than a name and a website to go along with it.. Okay it's a little more than that I guess. You see, what I do now is run an actual business, "Lucky Pick Guitars" based out of Frederick Maryland. To add to this, in later years I sort of got involved in web design and graphics and dabble in that as well as 3D-animation. Mostly for fun, friends and family.

I have added a few links on this page to show you what I do when am not fixing musical instruments. So, have a look at them, enjoy them and please most of all consider buying something. Cheap shot I know, but after all, I'm related to them and have only their interest at heart.